BAA Club events are held in different venues in and around Bellingham so please check carefully before making your journey! To book tickets or for further information:
Tel. (01434) 220646 / 07788 804784 or email
The Old Dance School The Old Dance School The Old Dance School LUCY WARD September 2012
VIPER CENTRAL with Canny Crack Walsh and Pound (January 2012) Rachel Kelly Grant Baynham
Hilary Spencer (QuickSilver) QuickSilver Happy 2nd Birthday!
Baa (the club mascot) Jinski Landermason Rod Clements
No Worries Steve and Kristi Nebel Jez Lowe Johnny Dickinson
Megson and us! Flossie Malavialle
The Old Dance School
Image by: Fiona Lander